Goodvibes Ventures

We grow companies with heart

A Good Purpose

Goodvibes Ventures is an impact venture ecosystem that designed to grow purposeful startups. We are a community of operators, analysts, investors, and engineers, supporting ventures that are making a measurable impact in the world while returning a sustainable profit.

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Good Process


Our core team and ecosystem partners have diverse backgrounds and rich experience in all aspects of starting and scaling impact ventures. Goodvibes takes an active seat on the board of advisors for all of our portfolio companies, leveraging our expertise to guide entrepreneurs towards the most impactful outcomes.


We believe that to truly make a difference, change has to happen at scale - and scaling doesn't happen by accident. Alongside our expertise in growing sustainable companies, our team has developed an internal growth engine to drive awareness, adoption, and sales for our portfolio companies. Goodvibes capital is more than smart money. It is growth money.


Impact can't scale without cash, yet impact ventures often face greater difficulties raising funds. Goodvibes not only invests in startups that generate strong financial returns and measurable social impact, we also help perfect the pitch, financials, presentation, and ultimately make introductions to key investors.

Good People

Harrison Dahme

Growth engineering lead, mentor, MBA and musician. Passionate about progress (vs motion), taking care of each other, and building things. Also fancies a good climb. 🌄

Aisling Scott

Economist and human. She is finishing her PhD at UC Berkeley in Business and Public Policy at the Haas School of Business, loves statistics, data and game theory. You can also find her meditating or doing yoga outside.

Malcolm Garland

Obsessed with impact ventures and social finance, but philosophy is his one true love. If not tinkering with excel models, probably meditating.

Brandon Levy

Energy nerd, corporate strategist, and all-around people person, equipped with an MBA in Sustainable Management. Loves reading The Economist, listening to hip-hop music, and philosophizing with his mates.

Jon Gillon

Serial entrepreneur with multiple exits, self-proclaimed MacGyver and undercover freestyle rapper. Advisor, mentor, investor, connector - Jon embodies and embraces the startup life.

Good Companies